Meet Your Committee



Hello all,

My name is Luke and I am the co-founder and president for the UEA Blogging Society. I am and undergraduate at UEA studying BA Politics and I am in my second year. However, this is my third year at UEA as I did a Foundation Year in the Humanities. I am really excited to get this society off the ground and to be working with our fantastic committee and all of our members. It is going to be a great year and because we are new we want you guys to get involved as much as possible and help us shape this society into something great for everyone!

My role as your president is very simple – to prioritise our members needs and represent our society to the best of my ability. My most important role is to ensure that the society runs smoothly and that members have the chance to share their work with us whilst also having fun.



Hi there, I’m Jamie, the secretary and co-founder of BlogSoc. I’m a second-year politics student, but like Luke I was a Foundation Year student so this is my third year at UEA. I’ve tried to keep my blog pretty non-political so far, instead focusing on the wonderful world of pop culture as I spend far too much of my time watching TV.

As your secretary I’ll be handling a lot of the admin, working with the union to keep things running smoothly. I’m also going to be helping to run the Twitter account and the main WordPress site for the society, so feel free to message me if you have anything that you might want putting on there!

I’m really looking forward to getting started on this, hopefully this platform will be useful to many of you and will inspire you to get blogging!



Hey, my name is Laurie and I will be acting as the treasurer for the UEA blogging society. I’m an undergraduate second year student studying History and International Relations.

My roles will simply involve managing BlogSoc’s finances whilst also contributing to other aspects of the society.

If you have any inquiries about the blogging society I will be happy to help!



Hi, I’m Alice Clarke and my role in the committee is Health and Safety Officer (basically making sure we avoid carpal tunnel and filling out boring forms), but I’ll also be running a few sessions throughout the year as well as learning some new blogging tricks myself.

I’m in my third year studying English Literature with Creative Writing and have two blogs, one for my creative work and one which is just a mishmash of whatever I feel like writing about (from politics to films to travel).

Blog Soc is a great way to just get you writing about whatever interests you, even if like me it’s a little bit of everything. I’m quite new to blogging myself, only having my own WordPress for a year, and am just looking forward to passing on any help I can as well as bouncing ideas off of you guys too. For me, the society is all about just meeting interesting people with a variety of blogs, supporting each other’s work, and the occasional pub trip along the way.



Hi there! My name’s Ed and my role in the committee is Campaigns Officer.

I study History – beginning my second year, though actually this is my third year at UEA having also started with the foundation year. I currently run a blog which follows the premier motorbike racing series, MotoGP.

I’m excited to be part of a new society for enthusiastic and passionate writers. Having been a blogger for a few years, I’ve found that writing about what interests you the most often produces the  most engaging reads. But you all probably knew and do that anyway.

Looking forward to getting to know you all this year!

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