This week’s post of the week goes to Maria!!!

We really liked your in-depth reviews of the heavy metal bands you’ve listened to this week and you clearly love your niche!

Our favourite? Counting Days! What an intro!



Band to watch: CODE ORANGE caused some major ripples in the hardcore scene with albums Love Is Love/Return to Dust (2012) and I Am King (2014) released through Deathwish. Now signed to Roadrunner Records, this Pennsylvanian troupe are set to completely blow all competition out of the water with their forthcoming LP Forever. Earlier this week the video dropped for the title track and the song is absolutely lethal. Gritty and aggressive, edging towards grind in places, Forever demonstrates the band’s ability to pen a down-right ferocious ear assault. The video is the visual equivalent of the music; violent and utterly spellbinding. If the band are able to maintain this rawness then the future of hardcore is bright, the future is CODE ORANGE.

Video to watch: THE INFERNAL SEA. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing THE INFERNAL SEA live (or joining in their ritual being the more appropriate phase) you’ll…

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