Musicals Month! (and a half): La La Land

By Jamie Freeman

Jamie's Notepad

Who doesn’t love a good musical? According to Hollywood, no-one! At least that appears to be the case if we look at the success of Damien Chazelle’s latest flick La La Land. It seems to have come a little out of nowhere to be raking in the awards, scooping a whopping 14 Oscar nominations despite only having been released at the end of last year in the US and in mid-January in the UK. But does it deserve them? Does it hold up either as a film or as a musical? We’ll be finding out both answers, over the course of this post for the former and for the next six weeks for the latter (I know, it seems unlikely that I’d write that regularly but trust me on this one). Musicals Month And A Half starts here!

There will be spoilers from here on!

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