American Politics

A post from Luke’s Ladle on American politics. Read more below:

America is a gold mine for analysis and in the wake of Trump’s (or as some of my followers have called him -‘Cheetos Man’) successful campaign more and more people are becoming self-proclaimed Noam Chomskys. National and global media keeps echoing the sounds of his administration and we keep getting triggered by his blatant attacks on human rights. It would be fair to say that after 8 years of Obama, America has suddenly been put under the spotlight with Trump becoming a popular ‘trend’ in everyday discourse – and rightfully so. However, this does not mean that everyone who condemns Trump and the recent U.S. election results is a dedicated political philosopher. In fact, in my experience, a lot of the rhetoric in media and in daily conversation is more a parrot of things we are told rather than our own original thoughts. Now hold your horses, I am not for one…

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