Strength of their Nature: Lovestarrs, Planet Lovestarr – Review

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“Yeah you give me that physical feeling, butterflies when I’m walking the streets with you”

Lovestarrs – Planet Lovestarr (DEFDISCO) 10/10

Lovestarrs today released their long awaited debut album Planet Lovestarr. Singer Sarah McIntosh and her brother, bassist Hamish, were helped by a bunch of eminent Swedish producers to create a slick synthpop sound in an excellent record characterised by several real earworms.

This album only came to fruition after an innovative Kickstarter campaign including rewards like “afternoon tea at the Ritz” plus Skype and gaming sessions with the band and custom-recorded covers of any song in addition to the standard CDs and autographs. Their outstanding videos for the singles have drawn much attention, and Lovestarrs also have friends in high places, being championed by the likes of Gaydio DJ Phil Marriott and comedian Matt Lucas.

Formerly promising band The Good Natured, along with drummer George Hinton before he…

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