Five Films To Watch In Norwich This Week

Norwich has its fair share of cinemas. From the big chains of Odeon and Vue to the little Picturehouse Cinema City, there’s never a shortage of movies being shown. So if you’re after a little inspiration, here are five films to go and see in the city that are playing this week.

1. Moonlight

This year’s Best Picture winner is obviously critically acclaimed, and is still playing in a few cinemas. It’s a very important movie, focusing on key issues and characters who are not usually the main focus of Oscar winners. If you still haven’t seen it (like yours truly), get yourself a ticket now, since it’s not being shown for too much longer.


Showing at: Cinema City, Vue, Odeon

2. Hidden Figures

Another Oscar nominee, this movie about the first African-American scientists to work for NASA is again one with very important messages. It’s a powerful, emotive film with stellar performances from the likes of Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae. Definitely worth a watch, and again it may not be in cinemas for too much longer.


Showing at: Cinema City, Vue, Odeon

3. Logan

Hugh Jackman’s last appearance of Wolverine looks like something a bit different to previous X-Men movies. One of the more appealing action movies out at the minute which should be interesting enough to keep you from suffering from too much superhero movie burnout.


Showing at: Odeon, Vue.

4. Get Out

Perhaps one of the most-hyped-up movies of the year, Jordan Peele’s first in a line of ‘social thrillers’ is perhaps one of the most unique films to come out in recent times. Cutting across multiple genres, this is definitely one to go and see if you want something a bit different to the usual thriller/horror movies.

get out

Showing at: Odeon, Vue.

5. Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s latest live-action remake has a few familiar names attached to it. Emma Watson, Luke Evans, and Dan Stevens lead the line with a smattering of nice cameos from the likes of Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen. The remakes have tended to be hit and miss, so why not go and see this one to see which it is?

beauty and the beast

Showing at: Odeon, Vue.

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