Ten Quick Tips For Creating a Successful Blog

By Luke Aldridge,

We all dream of it, going on the statistics for your blog to see hundreds of views and likes. Whilst this is hard to achieve there are some simple tricks that can help you gain the necessary momentum to achieve this dream.

Without further ado, here are the UEA Blogging Societies 10 quick tips for creating a successful blog:

One: Research

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This is arguably the most important tip we can give you: know your audience and your genre. For example, if you want to do a food blog you should take a look at other blogs of that nature and see what they specialise in and what people say in the comments. Research is essential throughout the entirety of your blog, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. Every post you create, every menu and design, should be thought about in depth.


Two: Interest

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We are all guilty of it, we want to gain a regular viewer base and produce a blog that people engage with. Sometimes this makes it tempting to cut corners and produce something that sells rather than something that interests you. I myself dabbled in pop-culture for a while because a lot of my friends and fellow bloggers did the same. Unfortunately, the value of my content suffered as a result. I lacked the interest to produce posts because I didn’t really know what I was talking about. I only started gaining likes, views and comments when I stuck to what interested me most (which was politics). As a society we have seen this many times in many different forms. So take our advice, stick to what you like not what you think others will like.


Three: Direction


After doing your research and pursuing your interests you need to start thinking about how you want your blog to work. Do you want to stick to one specific subject or branch out to numerous genres? There is no right answer as it all depends on how you define success. If you are blogging purely for enjoyment we would say make your own blog reflect you and cover as much of your hobbies as you want. On the other hand, if you are thinking about monetising your content then it is best to have a clear focus. These are not the only paths you can take but, what we want to communicate, is that you should be clear on what your blog is trying to achieve and make this clear to your readers. It can be very easy to make a blog uninviting and unnecessarily complex.


Four: Appearance

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This tip is top secret, shush don’t tell anybody. There is a way to make professional, royalty free designs that will get your blog and posts a lot of attention. All you need to do is go over to www.canva.com, make an account and the rest will be history. They have custom templates, thousands of free stock images, numerous effects and customisation tools, and so much more. It’s a really great way to make your blog ten times better and it is totally free!  However, appearance goes further than just pictures and branding. You want your site to be accessible and easy to navigate. This means taking advantage of categories and menus so your posts are easier to find and appreciate.


Five: Engagement

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If you want people to look at your blog then you have to look at other peoples. The ‘discovery’ section of WordPress, for example, is a great way to find other blogs and start commenting and engaging. Often if you follow someone, comment, or even just give them a like, they will do the same in return. It is a great way to get yourself known within your specific subject.


Six: Sharing

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This concept is simple and may appear obvious but you would be amazed how many people never do it! There is no such thing as modesty on the internet. You should be proud of what you write so shout it from the rooftops. This means sharing it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts (and indeed other social media platforms). If you really want to have an effective media strategy you can even create a dedicated twitter account and Facebook page for your blog. This works nicely with the Twitter and Facebook widget options available in most themes on WordPress (the social media posts on the side show everyone who looks at your blog that you are active)!


Seven: Friends


I’m not talking about the thousands of followers you have accumulated on Instagram I’m talking about your real life friends (I should mention that this includes your family). When you are totally in charge of producing content it can be easy to overlook simple mistakes such as grammatical errors. Before you send your stuff out into the expanses of the internet it is always wise to get another pair of eyes to look them over first. Friends are also useful to bounce ideas off and more often than not, their feedback is constructive as they want to help you improve (people online can be far less forgiving of your mistakes).


Eight: Being Adaptable

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Sometimes things don’t work out for one reason or another. Trust me I have been there. For example, you spend hours doing a post and invest so much time and energy just to find out it only gets around ten views with no likes or comments. It makes you feel bad but don’t let this stifle your creativity or your vision. You need to analyse your statistics, look for what posts worked and figure our why they worked. In some cases you may have someone even go as far as to say they didn’t like your post or maybe a design, the important thing is to not give up. You have to know why they didn’t like it and see if you can learn from this experience and be willing to change.


Nine: Commitment

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None of the above matters if you do not stick at it. You could make the worlds most impressive blog and it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t keep working on it regularly. A typical way bloggers do this is by publishing posts consistently either daily, weekly or sometimes monthly. Regardless of which one you choose it is crucial that you stick to your plan and show people that you care about your work. This will benefit your blog in the long run.


Ten: Money

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We all know the famous expression ‘money makes the world go round’. The same can be said for blogging. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all in favour of free blogs and people just doing it for enjoyment. However, if you want to get a successful blog that gets thousands of views and followers then at some point you will probably have to pay. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to monetise your account, again it depends on how you define success. The free to use themes on WordPress can only get you so far and have limited customisation options, at some point you are gonna want to get your hands on the premium content.

So that concludes our ten quick tips for creating a successful blog. Let us know if you have any other advice in the comments. If you found this post helpful but still think that you need more guidance then come along to one of our weekly workshops (details are on our twitter page and Facebook group). I hope you all keep blogging and achieve great success.

To become a member of our society click here. Thanks for reading, take a look at more of our posts by navigating the menus above!


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