UEA Blogging Society: Our First Year

By Jamie Freeman,

With the Societies Fair back in everybody’s minds once again, it seems like a great time to look over BlogSoc’s first year as an official society at UEA. It really does seem like just yesterday that we preparing for our first SocMart, complete with flyers (which we didn’t have enough of), sweets we bought at the SU shop as an encouragement, and far more people than any of us were expecting!

However, we soon grew into it, and SocMart was a great success for us, with hundreds of people taking flyers and we quickly realised that we had already gained more than enough members to get over the final obstacle in our way to becoming a fully-fledged society at UEA. We also met with our new members after the fair, getting to know them and their blogs, which was fantastic after only briefly meeting them at the fair itself, and we were able to invite many to our future events.

The weekly workshops quickly became the cornerstone of BlogSoc. We did have to move around fairly often, having rooms in Congregation Hall and one glorious half semester in the Julian Study Centre. But regardless of location they were always a relaxed environment for everyone to bring a device along to get blogging done, as well as being a nice couple of hours to just chat and make plans, which will be continuing into our second year!

Socials were also pretty frequent, with some workshops ending up being followed with a trip to Red Bar, and a joint social with Publishing Society and Octarine (among others) being a highlight of the whole year. We’re hoping to expand this even further this year, giving our members more opportunities to meet up outside the workshops.

Overall it has been a successful first year for BlogSoc! We’ve really enjoyed the experience of running a society and helping people with their blogs as well as creating this community. Let’s hope 2017/18 is just as exciting!

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