What it was like in the Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps

Blog post of the week goes to http://www.jules1998.wordpress.com for a deeply profound and insightful post on charity work and volunteering in refugee camps. This post provides a refreshing perspective from the inside on a discourse that has become diluted in dominant discourses.



The first time I set foot in a refugee camp was in the autumn of 2015. It was a dismal and rainy day and we were in the port of Calais with NUT members (the former National Union of Teachers, now the NEU, National Education Union), and some refugees, protesting the disgusting treatment and neglect of the refugees that had arrived in France.

At the end of the protest, we packed up and started our preparation for the crossing of the channel, back home. However before we left, we saw the refugees that had joined us, all leaving, and all walking in the same direction. I remember my dad saying, “they’re going ‘home'”. We followed them, knowing we would, in a couple of minutes, end up in the Calais Jungle. But what we experienced was far from what any media outlet had ever covered.

It was like stepping into an…

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