Bloggers’ Bowl

Monday 6th November saw UEA Blogging Society’s first non-workshop social of the year, a trip to Riverside and Hollywood Bowl for an evening away from our laptop screens. It was an evening of drama, fun, and odd nicknames replacing everyone’s real names on the display, as almost all trips to bowling alleys seems to end up.

Much was to be said about the various styles employed by our members. Named on the bowling display as ‘Cranchy’ despite asking for ‘Crouchy’, Scott won plaudits for his sheer consistency and ability, while a new method employed by Guy clearly paid off handsomely as he raced into an early lead. But it was Tony who wowed fans and spectators with his technique, adding spin and flair to every ball, often sending the other players into rapturous applause. Meanwhile, much was discussed about Luke’s struggles, and some soon began to wonder whether he would proclaim the scoreboard to be fake news.

As for the scores themselves, there was even greater intrigue. The first round was a high-quality affair, with strikes and spares galore. Guy blew the competition away in the first game, racking up an unprecedented 127 points which will take some beating in future events, in a game where he was really only challenged by Oscar who also broke the 100-point barrier. But the second game saw technology cause problems, as his rhythm was clearly thrown off by the failure of the pin-clearing machines to set the pins down properly. New member Imogen saw vast improvement between the two games, putting pressure on the leaders throughout, while Scott and Oscar appeared to battle it out for victory. A tense, lower-scoring game wasn’t settled until the final couple of frames when Jamie, who had stumbled through the previous eight frames, pulled out two strikes and a spare from four balls to win by 103 points to Scott’s 102. The evening as a whole will surely go down as an unforgettable moment in UEA BlogSoc’s (and global sport’s) history.

Congratulations to the overall winner Guy Meadows for his superb 127, and we’re all looking forward to the next Bloggers’ Bowl!


  1. I won, no one else won, it was all me and a refuse this HUGELY unjust and unfair feature. #fakenews #scottisright #i’mthegreatest. (for those who are not aware I am joking). Great post 🙂


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