Travel & Nature: Two Sides of the Same Coin

A fantastic piece by one of our members on sustainability and travel. A must read for those who are concerned about their impact on the world.


The excitement of stepping off the plane for the trip you have been planning for months. You have a list of tourist spots you want to hit and cannot decide where to go first. A bird flies overhead and you do not give it a second thought; amongst all the excitement you do not think about the impact your travels have on the environment surrounding you.

This is NOT an article to call for a stop to all travel. Many of you have probably seen the heart-breaking images of the starving polar bear struggling to walk and scavenging in rubbish to find something, anything to eat. Or the river of trash and plastic in parts of India or even the ocean. This is a result of us humans. Travel is becoming ever more popular, never has the world been more accessible than today but that doesn’t mean we stop treating…

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